Report missed collection

If your rubbish or recycling collection was missed, let us know within two working days.

You should not report a missed collection until after 4pm, as rubbish and recycling is being collected in separate vehicles, at different times of the day.

Before you start

We will only return to collect the rubbish or recycling if it was genuinely missed and not because it was not presented properly for collection. 

You should only report a missed collection if:

  • Your waste and recycling was placed in the correct location/container/sack by 6.30am on your collection day
  • It is after 4pm on your collection day, or the rest of the street has been collected

Leaving your rubbish or recycling out

With the changes in collection schedules, your rubbish and recycling may be collected earlier than you are used to.

Please ensure your rubbish, recycling, food waste and small electricals are out by 6.30am on collection day, or no earlier than 6.30pm the night before. 

Monitoring collections

We now have technology in our vehicles to monitor collections and maximise efficiency. We use this for live updates on the progress of crews, and ensure collections have been made.

You will be unable to report a missed collection if:

  • The crew have not yet visited your property
  • There was a problem with your collection

What happens next

Once reported we will return to your property and collect the missed items within two working days.

If your waste was not presented correctly and on time, make sure it is for your next scheduled collection day and it will be collected then. Alternatively, you can take it to the local household waste and recycling centre.

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