Strategy and action plans for waste and recycling

As a Waste Collection Authority, Wandsworth Council is responsible for collecting household waste and delivering it to the local Waste Disposal Authority - the Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) - which is responsible for disposing of waste as well as sorting mixed recycling and arranging for it to be reprocessed on our behalf.

Wandsworth Council

Action commitments for improving the environmental performance of our waste management are contained in our waste Reduction and Recycling Plan.

View Key Performance Indicators and related targets.

Western Riverside Waste Authority 

After collection by the council's contractors, your rubbish and recyclables are taken to the Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) along with other municipal waste. WRWA arranges the disposal of rubbish, sorts out the contents of clear recycling sacks and orange-lidded banks and sends the sorted materials to reprocessors who make them into new products. 

View WRWA's Waste Management Policy.

London and national strategies

The Mayor of London published an Environment Strategy for London in May 2018 which includes a chapter on Waste (Chapter 7). The Council's arrangements for waste management must be in general conformity with the waste chapter of this strategy, subject to excessive cost. 

View Government waste and recycling policy GOV.UK.