Order recycling sacks

If your household is a street-level property and your general rubbish is collected in ordinary dustbins or refuse sacks, you are eligible for the clear sack recycling scheme.

If your home has large, communal wheeled bins, you are not eligible for the recycling sack service. If you are using communal bins for your rubbish, you should also have orange-lidded communal recycling containers.


You should receive a delivery of clear recycling sacks twice annually. If you don't receive these, please let us know.

Collecting sacks and leaving recycling out

Households that run out of sacks do not have to wait for their next delivery. Extra sacks can be collected from selected libraries, ordered via the form below, or you can put recycling out for collection in any clear sack. 

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What happens next

We aim to deliver recycling sacks within 14 working days of ordering. Sacks are delivered separately to your normal collection day.

We are aware of additional demand and requests for sacks and ask for your patience and understanding at this time. If possible, please store your recycling until your sacks arrive.

If your sacks are not delivered within 14 working days, report a missed sack delivery.