Benefits for schools with an accredited school travel plan

Transport for London (TfL) Cycle Parking Scheme

TfL has an ongoing project providing free cycle and scooter parking for schools with an accredited School Travel Plan. 

Capital Grants

Schools that completed an approved Travel Plan by March 2010 received a grant to spend on capital works within their school grounds.

No new Capital Grants are available. However some schools have been allocated a grant that they have not yet claimed. Contact us to find out the status of your grant.

Highway improvements

For schools that identify the need for Highway Improvements around their school, we will bid for additional funding to investigate and implement appropriate measures. Highways improvements can include:

  • Crossing facilities
  • Traffic calming
  • School signage

Planning permission

When a new school is being planned or an existing school is to be expanded, it will usually be a condition of planning permission that the school should write and implement a school travel plan, meeting the criteria for Bronze accreditation.

An effective school travel plan can mitigate concerns about the impact of school run traffic on the local area.