Travel plans for other organisations

Travel plans are developed by organisations to encourage staff and visitors to make greater use of public transport, cycling and walking and more efficient use of cars.

They are intended to help reduce local traffic congestion and pollution, and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Travel plans consist of incentives such as:

  • Safe cycle parking and mileage rates for cyclists
  • Showers and storage lockers
  • Season ticket loan schemes
  • Car sharing
  • Pool bicycles
  • Car Club membership
  • Changes to working arrangements, such as home working and video conferencing
  • Providing alternatively fuelled vehicles
  • Provision of public transport information

For many new developments, we require a travel plan to be implemented to help limit the transport impact of the development. Travel plan for schools have their own section on this site.

How to write your travel plan

For further information and ideas on writing and implementing a travel plan, visit The travel plan (Transport for London's website).

Cycle to work scheme

Further details on this scheme can be found on the Cycle Scheme website.

Tips for promoting cycling in your workplace

How to promote cycling in your workplace:

  • Provide cycle parking
  • Organise Dr Bike sessions and bicycle maintenance classes for employees
  • Provide showers and changing facilities at your workplace
  • Set up a Bicycle Users' Group (BUG) to promote awareness of cycling related issues
  • Hold a cyclists' breakfast or lunchtime BBQ for people who cycle to work
  • Run a Cycle Challenge to see who can complete the most cycle journeys in one week
  • Distribute copies of the relevant London Cycle Guide for your area - these can be ordered from Transport for London's website
  • Arrange with your personnel department to pay cycle mileage for business journeys
  • Take part in Bike Week

Tips for promoting walking in your workplace

How to promote walking in your workplace:

  • Set up a lunchtime walking group
  • Go for walking meetings
  • Hold a breakfast or lunchtime BBQ to reward people to walk to work
  • Give out pedometers and information about the health benefits of achieving 10,000 steps a day
  • Encourage colleagues to Ride and Stride - if they live too far away from work to walk all the way, encourage them to get off the train or bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way. Or if they drive to work, encourage them to park further away

Organisations with Travel Plans may be eligible for funding to help them promote walking to their employees.

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