River taxi

Services available

Peak hour service from Putney to Blackfriars

Locally there's a popular peak hour service (RB6) from Putney to Blackfriars which stops at Wandsworth Riverside Quarter and Plantation Wharf. Selected services run to/from London Bridge City and Canary Wharf.

You can find timetables for all river taxi services on TfL's river routes and timetables web page.

Our objectives

The Council wants TfL to expand its support for river services so that more commuters have the option of using this stress-free form of transport.

Operators need help with the cost of acquiring boats while more riverside developments on both sides of the river need to offer piers and jetties.

This would enable more services to be run at more times during the day.

With proper TfL investment the Thames can finally take its place as a fully-fledged arm of the capital's public transport network.

Have your say 

The Council wants to know what local people think about river transport and what could be done to make this form of transport more widely used.

We will use the support of local people to build our case for increased investment in this much under-used resource.

Have your say and find out what others are saying.