Get walking

Walking is a fun, healthy and reliable way to get around which has no adverse impact on the environment or congestion. And it's often surprising how quick it is to walk somewhere instead of going by car or bus. Best of all, it's free.

More information:

  • To receive tips for promoting walking in your workplace, visit Travel Plans.
  • Join our Walk4Life led walks, organised to help you get fitter and healthier.
  • National Walk to Work Week takes place each year. Visit the Walking Works website for tips on how to get your friends, family and colleagues walking.
  • Use the Urban Walking Route Planner from to plan your route between any two points. It also gives information on distance, calories burned and suggests quieter or less polluted alternative routes.
  • Living Streets (formerly the Pedestrians Association) and the Ramblers Association are national organisations that promote walking and campaign to improve conditions for walkers.
  • There are a number of walking routes that run through the borough. Visit the Walk London website to find out more.