Public cycle parking

We install more cycle parking stands every year so that more destinations can be reached by bike.

As part of the borough wide cycle network review in 2017 we undertook an analysis on the occupancy levels at all of the cycle stands in the borough, this helped determine where we need to increase/upgrade the supply. Residents can also request locations which will give a greater understanding of the cycle parking requirements.

Request on-street cycle parking

We want to makes sure that cycle stands are installed in locations that are convenient for you, so complete our request form us to tell us where you think some need to be added.

You will need:

  • Your details, including email address
  • Details of suggested location, including postcode if known
  • Reason why you have suggested this location
  • Number of spaces requested

What happens next 

Due to the high demand for cycle parking, we are unable to contact you individually regarding the status of your request. We will use your request to assess demand and may contact you when we are progressing to the next stage.

Request on-street cycle parking

Non-standard cycle parking

Read our guidance for on-street parking of non-standard cycles including cargo bikes.