What you need to do for CIL

Whether you believe your development is liable or not you should complete the CIL Additional Information Form:

When you receive your decision notice granting planning permission it will indicate if we think your application is CIL liable.

Applications liable for CIL 

If your application is liable for CIL you should ensure that:

It is also your responsibility to notify us if:

  • There is a change in the liable party (please use CIL form 1 Assumption of Liability, or form 3 Withdrawal of Assumption of Liability and form 4 Transfer of Assumed Liability)
  • The liable party's contact details change
  • If any buildings are demolished before the CIL liable date, defined below
  • If, prior to the CIL liable date (defined below), any buildings to be demolished or converted change in their eligibility to be deducted from your CIL liability. For example, if existing buildings that were "in use" for a continuous period of at least six months cease to be "in use" or, conversely, are brought into use

If you do not complete all the necessary forms before you start development you are not eligible to request a review or appeal against our assessment of your CIL liability and you may be subject to additional surcharges. If you are uncertain about which forms you need to complete please contact us before you intend to start development to avoid any unnecessary expense.

CIL liable date 

The CIL liable date is the 'day planning permission first permits the chargeable development'. This is defined in the CIL Regulations as the date at which development may commence.

If your permission was granted prior to 24 February 2014 and there are any pre-commencement conditions attached to the planning permission, the CIL liable date is the date at which the pre-commencement conditions are discharged. If there are no such conditions, or your permission was granted after the 24 February 2014, then the CIL liable date is the date of the planning permission.

Make a payment 

Precise details of your payment arrangements and options will be contained in the Demand Notice that will be sent following submission of a valid Commencement Notice.

Once you have received your Demand Notice, you can pay securely online

Reviews and appeals

If you think that we have made a mistake in calculating the chargeable amount you must, prior to commencing the development and within 28 days of the liability notice being issued, submit in writing a request for a review to:

CIL Administrator
Wandsworth Council
The Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PU

Or by email to cil@wandsworth.gov.uk

If you are still unhappy with the calculation following this review, you can appeal to the Valuation Office Agency. This must also be done before the development starts and within 60 days of the liability notice being issued.