CIL charging schedule and related policies

The council approved its Charging Schedule at a meeting of the full Council on 11 July 2012. Our charging schedule came into effect on 1 November 2012. Our Community Infrastructure Levy expenditure (CIL) charges are in addition to the Mayor of London's CIL.

Our Charging Schedule sets out rates for different types of development in four charging zones in the borough.

We are intending to review our Charging Schedule in 2019. Any changes to the Charging Schedule will be subject to consultation as required by the CIL Regulations.

CIL Instalment Policy

The council has approved an instalment policy. Our instalment policy applies to both the council and the Mayor of London's CIL charges in Wandsworth. On large developments, where details are approved in phases, the instalment policy applies to the charges relating to each individual phase.

CIL Charitable and Social Housing Relief 

Under the CIL Regulations certain development by charities is exempt from CIL and development of social (affordable) housing is subject to 100% relief.  In addition, the council has approved a Discretionary Charitable Relief Policy.

In order for the council to apply Charitable Exemption, Discretionary Charitable Relief or Social Housing Relief, CIL liable parties must complete a Claiming Exemption or Relief form. This form should be completed and sent to the Council following the grant of planning permission at the same time as the Assumption of Liability form. These forms can be downloaded from the Planning Portal.

Protocol for withdrawal of CIL liability notice

The Council has an agreed protocol for the withdrawal of a Liability Notice in certain limited circumstances. Specific criteria will have to be met and relevant information, as set out in the protocol, provided.

Completed application forms together with supporting information should be sent to, or The CIL Team, Wandsworth Council, The Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU.

Self-Build (new dwellings, annexes and extensions) Exemption

Under the CIL Regulations some development is eligible for exemption as self-build projects. To be eligible the claimant must be the owner of the property and it must be their sole or main residence. They must also complete the correct Claiming Exemption Form for the type of self-build development that is taking place.