Amendments to a planning application

Revisions to the scheme may be sought by the planning officer during the application process, often following consultation and the site visit.

These will normally be smaller scale changes to the development in order to ensure the best development on site and to minimise the impact on neighbours.

If the changes that are required in order to make a scheme acceptable are more substantial, the proposal may be recommended for refusal.

Reduce the chances of this by taking pre-application advice on your proposal before you submit it.

Making amendments to a scheme

If the application is unacceptable as submitted but amendments could overcome the concerns, the planner will explain this to you or your agent.

Minor amendments

If a minor amendment would overcome the concerns, you will be given a reasonable time to send us revised proposals.

However, if at the end of that period we have not received the amendments and no extension of the time period has been agreed, the Council may decide the proposals as originally submitted.

Major amendments

If more substantial amendments are necessary, particularly if they are likely to require further consultation, we may invite you to withdraw the application and submit a new revised application.

No additional fee is payable in these circumstances.

Non-material amendments

Making a proposed amendment to an existing or already decided planning application is considered to be a ‘non-material amendment’. The outcome of this will depend on the circumstances of the project.