CON 29 enquiries

The CON 29 enquiries questionnaire, which forms part of the official search, contains many warning questions. The answers to these questions cannot be found on the legal registers.

Examples of the information to be found only by submitting a CON 29:

  • Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • Proposed Tree Preservation Orders
  • Notices under the Planning, Highways and Public Health Acts not found on any register
  • Road proposals or schemes (including road widening)
  • Proposed enforcement action or breach of condition notices

An official local authority search provides you with the complete and comprehensive information as per the CON 29 enquiries form, carried out by the Council in accordance with the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and Local Land Charges Rules 1977.

May we remind you that unless an official request for CON 29 answers is submitted, and any information from a solicitor or personal search company is not covered by Section 10(3) of the Local Land Charges Act 1975 which relates to compensation for loss.