How the Building Control process works

You can use the interactive house tool on the Planning Portal website to help you find out if building regulation approval is required

Decide which type of application to make

You can either:

  • Submit a building notice, or
  • Make a full plans application

View information on demolition, regularisation, temporary structures and reversion.

Make your application

Submit an application for Building Control

Inform us before work starts 

You need to submit your application 48 hours before starting on site and tell us 24 hours prior to commencing work on site.

You can tell us by:

Arrange site visits for the work to be inspected as it progresses

Request a site visit.

After the work is completed

When we have been notified that the work is completed and we have carried out a satisfactory final inspection, we will issue a completion certificate to show that the work complies with the building regulations.

This is an important document that should be kept and presented if the building is subsequently sold or may be required if you are securing additional funds.

To request a completion certificate email providing the site address and your reference number.

Private Approved inspector

If the work was supervised by a private approved inspector and not by our Building Control Service you will need to contact them for details of any approvals they have given as it is their responsibility to provide you with the completion certificate.

Further information