About Conservation areas

Conservation areas are designated by the Council because they are areas of special architectural or historic interest. Wandsworth has 46 conservation areas which vary in size and character from a short street such as Deodar Road to a large area such as West Putney.

Conservation areas can be the remains of small villages such as Battersea Square or even large areas of twentieth century social housing like the Alton Estate. We have a duty to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of our conservation areas and to publish proposals setting out how we do this.

Conservation areas map

You can find more information on each conservation area using our map of conservation areas in Wandsworth.

This links to more detailed maps of each area and the conservation area appraisals.

Conservation area appraisals

The character of each conservation area is different and special in its own way. Through understanding elements that should be conserved and elements that could be enhanced, we can manage change so that each conservation area's special character can be retained and enjoyed by all.

We have set out what is special about each conservation area and how we can conserve and enhance it in our conservation area appraisals. There is one for each conservation area, although some are still being updated.

The appraisals are used to help us make decisions on planning applications in conservation areas and the guidance they contain aims to help owners look after the character of their homes.

Article 4 Directions

In certain conservation areas where Article 4 Directions are in force, there are additional controls in place, requiring a planning application to be made for work which would otherwise have been 'permitted development'.

Such works include replacement windows and doors, recovering roofs, works to chimneys, painting or covering elevations in another material; hard standings, new boundary treatments (for example, walls or fences).