Using trade parking permits

Trade permits are available to those who are working as trades people, e.g. plumbers, builders etc, at a property within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) which is not their permanent place of employment. The permits are intended to allow long stay, daily or weekly (5 or 6 day) parking for trades people, for whom the pay and display machines, which provide short term parking, are not suitable. Trade permits are valid for the whole day during which parking controls operate.

Purchasing and validating permits

Trades people should purchase permits in advance of any works being carried out.

Each permit must then be validated:

  • Virtual Trade Permits (VTPs) – activate the permit online before you arrive. The registration number of the relevant vehicle must be entered when you activate the permit. A maximum of three vehicles per day can be activated.
  • Scratch cards - by scratching off the date and writing in the registration number of the vehicle on which it is to be displayed.

Each activated permit is only valid for one day in the sub-zone in which you are working and is only valid for one vehicle.

Where permits are valid

Trade permits are only for use within the CPZ for which they are issued and are not valid for any other CPZ within the borough.

Trade permits are not valid in pay and display only bays or in business bays or in off-street car parks, private road schemes or housing estates.


If you have any questions about parking permits, use our online form to Make a parking enquiry.