Types of business parking permit

There are various different types of business permits you can apply for depending on your needs and circumstances.

Business All Zone

Valid in all zones in the borough.

Business individual sub-zone

Valid only in individual sub-zone where the business is located (e.g. W1 only).

Greener vehicle permit

The DVLA revised the structure of vehicle excise duty (VED) for vehicles registered from 1 April 2017.  

  • For vehicles registered prior to the 1 April 2017: 'Greener' vehicle permits are only available to vehicles within the DVLA band A category, electric vehicles (not hybrids, unless they are categorised as DVLA band A) or bio-methane vehicles.
  • For vehicles registered on or after 1st April 2017: 'Greener' vehicle permits are available for vehicles where the CO2 emissions are up to 100g/km.

When making an application for a greener permit, evidence  must be provided.

Liveried business permit

Applications for a liveried business permit are available for businesses (including franchises) with an address within a parking zone in the borough for one business permit only. To qualify for a liveried vehicle permit the livery on the vehicle must show the company name, logo and telephone number or email address. The numbering and the lettering must be of an unambiguous and bold style, at least 6cm and in clear contrast to the vehicle's colour. The livery must be permanent and clearly readable from a distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet) and should cover a substantial part of the side panels or rear door(s) of the vehicle.

You will be required to upload photos of the vehicle, back, front and side panels with your application. The photos of the front and back should clearly show the vehicle registration number. If we are unable to verify that the livery is acceptable for the purpose of the permit you may be required to bring your vehicle to the Town Hall for inspection.  Your application will not be processed until this is done.

A business can have one liveried vehicle permit. If a business requires any additional business permits the livery discount will be forfeited.

Outer area

This permit is only valid in the following roads within the outer area of the Putney A3 zone:

  • Woodbrough Road
  • Briar Walk
  • Woodthorpe Road
  • Bramcote Road
  • Malbrook Road
  • Part of Howards Lane
  • Lutterell Avenue
  • Montolieu Gardens
  • Part of Hazlewell Road
  • St Margarets Crescent
  • Granard Avenue
  • Chartfield Avenue
  • Westleigh Avenue

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