Replace your business parking permit

An administration charge of £20 is made for processing replacement or duplicate permit applications.

As business accounts are managed by one person, be aware that it is only that person who can access the account and make the applications, renewals, or replacements etc. Any instruction to access the account online should be clear that it is the nominated account manager that must do this. We do not adjust log ins or send passwords to any person from a company but the nominated account manager.

The application form gives advice on how to cover your vehicle until a duplicate or replacement permit is received.

If your permit has been stolen

If the permit has been stolen and you do not have a crime reference number, you will be asked for further information relating to the whereabouts of the permit/vehicle and checks may need to be carried out. This may delay your application.

If your permit has been lost or damaged

If you change your vehicle

If your business moves to an address in a different zone

If your business moves to an address in the same zone

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