Parking bay suspension exclusions

We cannot suspend parking in an area which does not have a parking restriction. You must make your own arrangements to park safely without causing an obstruction and maintaining vehicular traffic flow at all times.

The exceptions are:

  • Funeral corteges (hearse and limousines only, not private cars)
  • Special events (such as specialist markets)
  • Highway maintenance works
  • Major utility works

We can suspend parking for a maximum of three days in the cases above, unless special permission has been granted for longer periods.

For long term suspensions the licensee may be required to inform residents or motorists in the surrounding area of their suspension request and carry out letter drops.

If you require a long term suspension, you must apply in writing to


Wandsworth Council
Environment and Community Services Department
Inspection and Enforcement Team
PO Box 56518
London SW18 9BS

Parking bay suspensions by default are for 24 hours and the suspension is enforceable for this period of time. However depending on the reason for the suspension, we will consider specific times if requested at the time of application or deemed necessary by us so that parking may be resumed outside of the specific times stipulated on the signage.