Residents stay close to home in new developments

Published: Thursday, March 30, 2023

  • New council-built homes allow residents to stay close to their family and friends.
  • Wandsworth is delivering 1,000 new council homes as part of its Homes for Wandsworth programme.

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Cheraine Grier

As part of the Winstanley and York Road regeneration project all existing council rented homes on the estate are due to be replaced, new council homes are being added and major improvements are being made to the area.

Cheraine Grier grew up on the Winstanley Estate and, over the course of around 50 years, she is the third generation of her family to live there.

Just prior to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cheraine was living in a studio flat on the estate when her child was born.

Cheraine said:

“Living through the pandemic with a small child was tough. It was a real struggle for my mental health.”

She received a letter from the council’s Regeneration team about Gideon Road in Battersea, which was built to allow early moves as part of the Winstanley and York Road regeneration, and immediately expressed her interest. Within 10 days, the team had got back in touch and offered her a new home. She viewed the new apartment and accepted on the spot.

“This home was a fresh start for me and my daughter. It’s five minutes away from her school and close to all our friends and family and, most importantly, my daughter has her own room now!”

The council handled all the paperwork and assisted with the moving process to ensure that it was a smooth transition.

Cheraine commented:

“Louise in the Regeneration team was an absolute gem! It never felt like she was ‘just doing her job’. I asked questions throughout and she was always helpful and understanding and make me aware that she was available if I needed her. The move was a breeze.”

Cheraine and her daughter are settling into their new home and Cheraine is hoping that she will be able to return to work.

Aydin Dikerdem, Cabinet Member for Housing at Wandsworth Council, said:

“Gideon Road is a fantastic example of the kind of quality homes Wandsworth is building on our own land, and on disused land, giving local families the chance to get a start in life and have an affordable rent.”