Back of the net: Council cuts cost of pitches

Published: Tuesday, January 31, 2023

  • 5 per cent reduction in the cost of using grass pitches from April 1.
  • Part of the council’s work to make the borough fairer and help residents through the Cost of Living crisis.  

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Wandsworth Council is set to reduce the cost of hiring all grass pitches by 5 per cent.

The decision was agreed on Monday and will take effect from April 1.

The changes are part of the council’s work to make the borough fairer and to encourage sport for all.

The news was welcomed at the weekend by players and coaches using the pitches at Wandsworth Common.

“I was absolutely delighted with the news that Wandsworth Council are reducing the cost of football pitches this year” said one player

“I think it’s going to really encourage the community to get involved in sport.”

Another player added: “It makes a massive difference to us because we absolutely love coming out here and playing.”

The reduction is part of the council’s work to make the borough fairer for all and follows on from other initiatives to support residents including:  

  • Free school uniforms 
  • A network of warm spaces, including free food and activities in children’s centres 
  • A pilot scheme to provide free school breakfasts 
  • London’s biggest Cost of Living support package

Council leader Simon Hogg said: “This is great news for local sports teams. I enjoy playing football every week and want to make sure that the opportunity to get active is open to as many people as possible.

“This is all part of our commitment to make Wandsworth a fairer borough and help people who may be struggling with the Cost of Living crisis.”