High Street takeaway shut over rodent infestation

Published: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

  • Food business served with emergency notice
  • Inspectors found evidence of significant mouse infestation
  • Premises posed immediate risk to public health 

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The Diana Fish Bar posed an immediate risk to public health

A high street takeaway was subject to an emergency closure under food safety laws after a court heard it was found to be riddled with mouse droppings.

The Diana Fish Bar in Wandsworth High Street was ordered to close by food safety inspectors as it posed an imminent risk to public health.

Magistrates were told that the council team found evidence of a severe mouse infestation during an inspection earlier this month. They found rodent droppings on shelves, chopping boards, cleaning cloths, equipment and flooring.

As a consequence the takeaway was shut down with immediate effect after the owners were served with a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice. It was not allowed to reopen until it had undergone a deep clean and steps had been taken to eradicate the mouse infestation.

Cabinet Member for Environment Judi Gasser said: “The conditions found by the food inspectors was clearly unacceptable and immediate action had to be taken to safeguard public health.

“It is absolutely vital that the owners and managers of food businesses uphold the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness and take immediate steps to deal with issues that could endanger public safety.

“Proprietors who ignore safety breaches and allow their premises to become dirty or pest-ridden have only themselves to blame for having their business shut down and for attracting the negative publicity that inevitably follows.”

Mouse droppings found on plates, cups and kitchen equipment