Delivering 1,000 new council homes to meet Wandsworth’s housing needs

Published: Monday, August 14, 2023

  • Wandsworth is committed to housing justice and delivering one of London’s most ambitious council housebuilding programmes.
  • Over 200 homes have already been completed; over 400 homes currently under construction.
  • Working with developers, we will maximise genuinely affordable housing and address the needs of those households in the borough.

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Gideon Road development

Our Homes for Wandsworth programme is building 1,000 new council homes with secure tenancies to deliver a fairer, more compassionate borough for everyone.

Over 200 homes have already been delivered, and a further 413 are under construction this summer.

Aydin Dikerdem, Cabinet Member for Housing said:

“Delivering housing justice is at the heart of what this Council stands for – because nothing is more important to building a good life than a safe, secure and stable place to call home. Our pioneering council homes building programme is one of the most ambitious in London, and we’re ensuring private developers build more genuinely affordable homes for social rent too.

The Homes for Wandsworth programme is about more than just bricks and mortar. It’s about providing local people with the opportunity to stay in the communities they have grown up in and adding value to those communities with, for example, new play spaces, gardens and landscaping.

Under the programme, the Council have recently announced 83 new Council rent homes on the Atheldene development on Garratt Lane – an increase in the number of affordable homes on the site by 69 homes, taking the overall affordable housing on the site from 45% to 80%.

These homes are part of a wider scheme which is delivering a new health centre for the NHS, new shops, and new homes around Garratt Lane, Atheldene, Waverton and Oakshaw Roads.

We have previously set out our plans to work with developers and landowners to deliver a minimum of 50% affordable housing across all new developments in the borough, and the Atheldene scheme shows that this is achievable for communities and for businesses too.

The Homes for Wandsworth drive includes a commitment to genuine community engagement - going above and beyond the requirements necessary for a planning application.

We are also proud to be pioneering the way for local authorities through our use of Specialist Housing Occupational Therapists who are employed by the council to advise on design to ensure that properties are inclusive and adaptable to the needs of future tenants.