New zebra crossing proposal at Burntwood School

Published: Thursday, October 6, 2022

The council’s highways engineers have drawn up plans to improve road safety outside Burntwood School and are asking local people to share their views.

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A public consultation is now underway into a proposal to upgrade pedestrian crossing facilities outside the school gates with a new zebra crossing.

The existing pedestrian island would be retained as part of an enhanced zebra crossing.

The proposal is designed to address safety concerns raised by the school and has been drawn up independently of a wider consultation currently underway to improve both road safety and active travel options in this part of the borough.

Burntwood Lane is currently part of a wider travel and transport study that aims to improve walking and cycling opportunities in light of the new Springfield Hospital development.

In response to the development and the impact it will have on the area, the council is committed to improving connectivity and for more trips to be undertaken to, from and within Wandsworth by walking and cycling, as both stand-alone trips and as part of longer journeys involving public transport.

In Burntwood Lane the project has the following objectives:

• Improve road safety by reducing speed and the number and severity of collisions.
• Improve the quality of existing cycle facilities and provide new facilities where possible.
• Improve pedestrian priority and accessibility, including making it easier to cross the road and access schools.

To find out more about the wider scheme for Burntwood Lane please visit

Feedback on the proposal to upgrade pedestrian crossing facilities outside the school can be submitted by emailing by October 20.

The South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust have produced a video explaining the plans for the Springfield site along with more information from the developers.

Cabinet member for transport Cllr Clare Fraser said: “This large-scale development on the Springfield site will undoubtedly have an impact on the area which is why we are drawing up plans to encourage active travel options like walking and cycling.

“Our proposal for an enhanced zebra crossing outside Burntwood School is part of this wider package of measures to reduce traffic, create safer areas around local schools and improve air quality. We hope parents and local people will support this proposal.”