Battersea Power Station opening event

Published: Monday, October 10, 2022

Cabinet member for Housing Aydin Dikerdem has issued the following statement regarding Battersea Power Station:

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"Battersea Power Station is a hugely significant building for our borough that for decades lay derelict and the regeneration of the site has been a huge feature of our lives for many years.

“I grew up in this neighbourhood, I've seen it change and transform. We look forward to making sure every resident and community gets a chance to share the opportunities brought about by development.

"We support the Council’s great Work Match scheme to help find employment and jobs for local people at the Power Station site.

"We welcome the site being a living wage employer - and applaud the Power Station and trade unions for co-operating on this agenda.

"It’s been great to see the restoration of the Power Station building take shape.

"We continue to celebrate the work of a number of volunteer organisations and charitable schemes that have thrived in partnership.

"However, as the Council’s new administration we have always been completely open and honest about our frustration at the lack of affordable housing at Battersea Power Station.

"The fact that not a single affordable home has been built onsite, and the developers were allowed to reduce the eventual number of affordable homes from an already low 15 per cent to nine per cent is unacceptable. It must change.

"We think the Nine Elms regeneration has been a real missed opportunity to provide the type of homes that local families desperately need. An incredible 85 per cent of the first 800 homes at the Power Station were sold to overseas investors.

"As the Council’s new administration we have also been very clear that neither ruling group councillors nor senior Council officers will accept donations or hospitality from property developers.

"Given there are currently numerous live planning applications from Battersea Power Station that are still to be determined, it wouldn't be right to accept this hospitality no matter how kind the gesture.

"Many in the developer industry understand this, and appreciate the approach we are taking.

"We welcome growth and investment. Our aim is to create an environment where we can work with brilliant and ambitious partners on progressive and innovative schemes that will benefit the people of Wandsworth."