Fire Safety: Charging Electric Scooters and Bikes

Published: Friday, June 24, 2022

Following instances of fires caused by e-scooter and e-bike batteries, Wandsworth Council is urging people to take care when charging their vehicle in their home.

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When charging your e-scooter or e-bike you should follow the below advice from the London Fire Brigade.

 Reduce the risk of overheating:

  • Batteries can get warm during their use. Allow them to cool down before attempting to re-charge
  • Batteries should always be charged on hard flat surfaces where heat can dissipate
  • Batteries can also pose a risk if they have been damaged, so try to ensure they are not getting knocked around while in use or while being carried
  • Batteries should also never be exposed to extremes of temperature

Follow the instructions:

  • Always follow manufacturers’ instructions when charging 
  • Never leave it charging unattended or charge it while you are asleep
  • Make sure you unplug your charger once it’s finished charging
  • Always use the correct charger for your batteries and buy any replacements from a reputable seller

Where to charge your batteries:

  • Never block your escape route with e-bikes or e-scooters
  • Store and charge them somewhere away from a main through route or exit
  • Make sure you and your family have an escape plan in place in the event of a fire
  • In the event of a fire call 999, never try to fight the fire yourself