Borough’s new CCTV vehicles go from petrol to electric

Published: Friday, January 28, 2022

Motorists who break traffic rules are set to be targeted by new environmentally friendly electric powered CCTV vehicles as part of the council’s efforts to keep the borough’s streets safe for all road users.

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The council is about to take delivery of two new electric vehicles equipped with front and rear facing cameras which will be used to capture evidence of parking contraventions and some moving traffic offences that endanger other road users.

The cars, Peugeot e208s, will have a range of uses, typically to gather evidence of motorists who block “school keep clear” spaces at the entrances to local schools and also at accident hotspots where drivers contravene ‘no entry’ signs, ignore no turn restrictions or drive the wrong way down one way streets. Other uses could include enforcing the rules about parking in designated cycle lanes.

Previous camera cars operated by the council are being replaced as part of the council’s efforts to tackle climate change. They needed engines running for the camera to work – but the new models can operate normally without emitting any exhaust fumes.

Transport spokesman Cllr John Locker said: “Using an environmentally friendly electric vehicle instead of petrol engined versions means a cheaper and cleaner operation. As well as lower running costs these vehicles will help deliver better air quality.

“We will be using them primarily to help improve road safety at sensitive locations. These include outside school entrances where parking on the yellow zig zag markings puts children at risk.

"And we know of locations where drivers ignore road signs and carry out unlawful manoeuvres that endanger pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

“As well as delivering cleaner air these electric vehicles will help us deliver safer streets too.”