Cost of Living bonus announced for council workers on low incomes

Published: Thursday, December 15, 2022

The Leader of Wandsworth Council, Simon Hogg, has announced that he is seeking to make sure staff, not currently on the Living Wage, who are working for council contractors will receive a bonus payment.

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Speaking at last night’s council meeting Cllr Hogg (pictured below right) indicated the council will:

  • Investigate making a one-off payment for workers on council contracts not on the Living Wage
  • Push on with London’s biggest Cost of Living response
  • Keep supporting and protecting the most vulnerable in our communities.

He said: “We’ve committed to the Living Wage but there are people working for the council on contracts who don’t receive it and I’m pleased to say tonight that I’m asking officers to investigate a one-off payment of £300 for these workers.”

Earlier this year the new council administration pledged that all new council contracts would include a requirement for staff to be paid the Living Wage – and also encouraged other local employers to do the same.

However there are workers on contracts who currently don’t receive the Living Wage and the council wants to do what it can to help them during the current Cost of Living Crisis.

Cllr Hogg said; “Times are tough for families and hard working families on ordinary incomes who are trying to make ends meet have been stretched to breaking point.

“I hope that this payment will help make a difference.”

The news is the latest in a huge package of measures that the council has introduced as part of the biggest Cost of Living response in London.

These include :

Cllr Hogg added: “We are creating a fairer, more compassionate and sustainable council which supports and protects our most vulnerable residents, strengthening local communities and improving the lives of local people, all for the same low council tax ”