Wandsworth Common

About Wandsworth Common

South-west London is well provided with open common land dating back to mediaeval origins. The Commons today are protected by legislation over and above other public parks. They provide wide sweeps of natural landscape and amenity sports facilities. Wandsworth Common includes the former Battersea West Heath replete with boundary markers. There are woods, lakes, and heath, as well as playgrounds, café, bowls and tennis, and a trim trail.

Dog control maps

Maps of Wandsworth Common - SW11 area and SW18 area

Main gates

Open access from Bolingbroke Road, Bellevue Road, Trinity Road, Burntwood Lane, Sandgate Road, Lyford Road, Baskerville Road, Dorlcote Road, Windmill Road, Heathfield Road, Wandsworth Common West Side, and Wandsworth Common North Side.

Park management

Parks and open spaces are managed by Enable on behalf of Wandsworth Council.


Website: https://enablelc.org/parks/