Cost of living support in our libraries

Our libraries are free to use and provide a range of services to help with the increased cost of living.

Reduce your own usage and costs

Working or studying at your local library can reduce your electric, gas and water usage as well as commuting costs.

Warm spaces

All libraries serve as 'heatbanks' in colder weather and are free to access all day long. If you don’t want to pay for heating at home, visit one of our local libraries. There are plenty of seats so you can charge your phone and relax with a newspaper or a magazine. You will be welcome.

Books and subscriptions

Libraries have lots of books. A new selection is delivered to each library every week. Rather than buying books, consider borrowing them, either in a paper version or as an e-book. And rather than paying to subscribe to an audio book service, listen free of charge to the excellent selection offered by your library.

Newspapers from all over the world are available online, free of charge, so there is no need to have your own subscription to keep up to date.

IT and Wi-Fi

Libraries offer fast reliable Wi-Fi, device charging, desk space and comfortable seating, access to personal computers and printing facilities (printing fees apply). We do ask that you bring personal headphones if you are planning on joining online meetings.

If you have a phone or a laptop, pop into the library and use our free Wi-Fi. If you are not confident about using IT, just ask the library staff. They will be happy to help you and may be able to suggest a free class to get you up to speed with technology. If you need to scan or print a document, don’t worry if you don’t have the hardware – just visit your library.

Avoid busy times

All libraries have quieter periods, so enquire with your local branch if you are looking to avoid busy times such as Storytime sessions which occur weekly.

Free activities

Libraries across Wandsworth provide a wide range of free activities - some for children, some for adults.

View a list of activities offered by Wandsworth libraries

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