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Rights of Europeans living in the UK

Current situation 

Following the vote to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, there has been no change to the status or rights of EU citizens in the UK. EU citizens will retain their current rights up until the time when the UK formally leaves the EU, which is expected to occur in March 2019. 

Each individual’s circumstances are unique and it is difficult to recommend specific options when the proposals are still being negotiated. 

You can sign up to email alerts from the Home Office to be notified when there are developments on the status of EU nationals in the UK. 

Government proposals

As part of the negotiations for Brexit, the UK Government has set out proposals for the rights of EU citizens after Britain leaves the EU. These proposals may change during the negotiations so it is important that you review the guidance on GOV.UK for the latest information. Some key aspects are:

  1. Creating a new immigration status for EU citizens of ‘settled status’, which will entitle citizens to work and live in the UK. This will be open to any EU citizens who are resident in the UK before the ‘cut off date’ and have been continuously resident in the UK for five years. The cut off date is currently expected to be 31st December 2020.
  2. EU citizens who became resident in the UK prior to the cut-off date but who have not been able to accrue five years of continuous residency will be entitled to apply for temporary ‘pre-settled status’ in order to remain in the UK until they have accumulated five years. 
  3. Family members who are dependent on EU citizens currently resident in the UK will be able apply for settled status provided the relationship existed prior to the cut off date. After the cut-off date, family members would be subject to more stringent rules, possibly including a minimum income threshold (currently set at £18,600 for family members joining British Citizens).
  4. EU Citizens in the UK will have until 30 June 2021 to apply for either settled or pre-settled status.

In June 2018 the Home Office published guidance on how the application process for settled and pre-settled status is likely to work. According to this guidance:

  • Applications will cost £65 per adult and £32.50 per child. There will be no charge for EU residents who already hold a permanent residence document or indefinite leave to remain.
  • Applications will be able to be made online via, with an assisted digital application process available for those who need it.
  • Applicants will need to provide proof of their identity and nationality, either via a specially designed app or by submitting their passport or national identity card to the Home Office.
  • The Home Office will at first attempt to use data held by HMRC or the DWP to verify how long an applicant has been resident in the UK. If these automated checks do not indicate that the applicant has been resident for five years, they will be asked to submit additional documents such as bank statements and payslips to support their application.

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