Refugee resettlement and support

How we have supported refugees

Wandsworth has a long and proud history of welcoming migrants, from the Huguenots in the 17th century onwards.

Most recently, we have supported the Syrian Refugee scheme, under which we have facilitated the resettlement of 51 people in 12 families since October 2016, securing them accommodation and supporting their integration into education and employment.

Currently we are supporting refugees from conflicts in Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Response to the Ukraine crisis

What we are doing

Wandsworth stands with the people of Ukraine. We have welcomed the government's Homes for Ukraine scheme and will be working closely with the government to help implement it in Wandsworth.

Find out more about the scheme at Homes for Ukraine.

View our online guide outlining the support available to refugees and their hosts.

How you can help

People who wish to donate money to help Ukraine can do so through the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC).

Response to Afghan crisis

What we are doing

We share the public’s concerns for the Afghan people and stand ready to do what we can to support efforts to resettle those fleeing danger.

Settlement of refugees in appropriate communities with appropriate support is complex and is rightly being coordinated at a national level.

We have formally committed to supporting the government's Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) and the Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme and are working to identify accommodation to offer to refugees and ensure everything is in place to welcome and support them.

How you can help


People who wish to donate money to help the people fleeing Afghanistan can do so through the British Red Cross.

In addition, the London Refugee Response Fund has been set up to give Londoners a way to provide much needed support to new arrivals from Afghanistan (and potentially refugees and people seeking asylum from other countries living in London). The monetary donations collected will be routed to organisations and not individuals, to try and meet medium and long-term need.

If you are a private landlord

We are looking for landlords who could provide a secure and safe home for Afghan refugees resettling in London. If you would like to rent a property through us at an affordable rate and help refugees to come to Wandsworth for resettlement, please contact us.

Suitable homes

At the moment government criteria means we can only offer self-contained homes to refugees.

Properties must meet the following criteria:

  • Within the borough of Wandsworth
  • A self-contained home
  • Have at least two bedrooms (ideally three/four)
  • Fully furnished
  • Available for private letting and as a landlord you will accept rent at local housing allowance rates
  • Can be let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for at least 24 months

These requirements are designed to ensure families have the security and space they need.

We are offering the following incentive packages:

  • 1 bedroom = £2,000 +6 weeks rent in advance
  • 2 bedroom = £2,500 + 6 weeks rent in advance
  • 3 bedroom = £3000 +6 weeks rent in advance
  • 4 bedroom = £3,500 +6 weeks rent in advance

Contact us

Contact our temporary accommodation team who administer this scheme: