Winstanley and York Road Demolition Phase 2

Block 6

Block 6 will be the first of the courtyard blocks to be built. It will comprise a mix of new build council housing and private housing in a mansion block design, located off Wye Street to the west of Falconbrook Primary School.

The proposed designs for Block 6 reference historical London mansion blocks, such as those seen locally on Prince of Wales Drive (opposite Battersea Park). The mansion block will form the basis of common design principles that will be shared between other blocks across the masterplan, with the aspiration of creating a coherent townscape.

Block 6 will be home to residents from Arthur Newton House, Baker House and some from Holcroft House moving within Demolition Phase 2.

Key aims

  • Streets activated with multiple entrances
  • All communal entrances have views to the park
  • Raised ground floor provides natural privacy
  • Terraced courtyard negotiates level change, provides natural subdivision of private and communal amenity areas
  • Views into communal courtyard from street
  • Naturally lit cores with views into the courtyard
  • Maximise dual-aspect/through living spaces orientated towards the streets
  • Balconies positioned to capture views of the park

Example of 3-bedroom flat (social rent and resident leaseholder reprovided homes) 86m2

Features of these flats:

  • Dual-aspect flat
  • Views to the park as you enter the living spaces
  • Semi-recessed balcony for privacy
  • Inverted bay window provides multiple views

Example of three bedroom flat














Example of 1-bedroom flat (private tenure) 50m2


  • Views to the park from the balcony 
  • Well proportioned living spaces 
  • Semi-recessed balcony for privacy 
  • Inverted bay window provides multiple views

Example of one bedroom flat