Winstanley and York Road Ground 10A consultation

Winstanley and York Road Regeneration offers of accommodation and vacant possession of Pennethorne House.

About the consultation

We have committed to providing new homes for all secure council tenants and resident leaseholders of the Winstanley and York Road Estates impacted by the regeneration of the estates. The residents of Pennethorne House have previously been advised that, as part of this commitment, new build homes will be provided at Shuttleworth Road (now named Sphere Walk) and Gideon Road, both in Battersea, as well as the option of being rehoused into existing accommodation.

Whilst we hope that the offers of accommodation are acceptable to every secure tenant, to ensure that we can undertake the proposed redevelopment of the Pennethorne House, it needs to be able to recover possession of homes where secure tenants have refused to move.

The legal process under which we propose to seek possession of those homes, to ensure vacant possession to facilitate progression of the regeneration scheme, is by court proceedings brought under Ground 10A of Schedule 2 of an Act of Parliament called the Housing Act 1985. Before an application can be made, however, the Council must consult with all secure tenants living in homes affected by the proposal. This is the purpose of this current consultation.

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