About shared ownership

Shared ownership is part-buy, part-rent schemes that give first time buyers who live or work in Wandsworth the opportunity to own a share in a new build or resales property. The applicant typically uses a mortgage to fund the share they have bought and pays rent on the remaining share to the housing provider.

As the purchaser only needs the mortgage for the share they are buying, they need to raise a smaller deposit than if they were purchasing a house outright.

Additional shares can be bought while you live in the property - a process known as 'staircasing'. It's possible to staircase all the way to owning the entire property.

Frequently asked questions about Shared ownership

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Intermediate rent 

Intermediate rent offers you the opportunity to rent a brand new or refurbished home, or a home that is being re-let, at less than the market rate. The rent is subsidised, normally at around 20% lower than what you would expect to pay if you were renting on the private market.

As well as being more affordable, you have the assurance that your home is built, managed and let by a Registered Housing Provider. Intermediate rent is designed to give people a chance to use the savings made on the subsidised rent towards a deposit to purchase a home within the next 5 years.

Sign up to the home ownership register

If you want to join one of these schemes, you will need to sign up to the home ownership register.