Major works contracts

This is basic information to make you aware of any future major schemes of work. Full details can only be provided during the consultation process with affected tenants and leaseholders.

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Council priorities

We aim to:

We have various procedures in place which are designed to meet these objectives.

Repairs and maintenance works are subject to a competitive tendering process to make sure we obtain value for money services for our residents.

Resident involvement in the process

Once appointed, the council's consultant draws up a draft specification of proposed works and provides an estimated cost against each element of the scheme.

Leaseholders are served with a statutory Notice of Intention in relation to the council's proposal:

All residents affected by the work are invited to a public meeting at a local venue and are invited to give their comments, suggestions and feedback on the initial plans. These meetings are attended by Council officers, the Council’s consultants and local Councillors.

Pre-tender estimate of costs

The pre-tender estimate of costs assists leaseholders in reaching a more informed view about the merits of reducing or increasing the scope of the proposed project.

Tendering process

After residents' feedback has been considered and the final scheme of works agreed, competitive tenders are invited.

Once competitive tenders have been received and assessed, costs to leaseholders are calculated and service charge estimates advised to leaseholders based on tendered prices (allowing a statutory minimum of 30 days for comments and observations). Often, all residents affected will be invited to a further public meeting.

Start of works

It is difficult to forecast when works to your block/estate will begin, as the length of each individual consultation process varies.