Your rent and charges

As a council tenant you are liable for rent charges as well as utility and service charges on applicable properties.

We have produced a booklet to help you to understand your rent charges. 

Basic rent

This is the amount of rent for the property.

The basis for council rents is that charges are proportional to rents paid by private sector tenants. This means that rents should not only allow for size but also location.

Overall, council rents are substantially lower than the private sector but the council does have to ensure that the rents collected are high enough to cover the costs of managing its housing stock.

Service charges

These are charges that are applied if you live in a council property benefiting from communal services.

For example:

  • Block cleaning
  • Communal electricity
  • Hire of refuse containers

Service charges have been itemised separately where applicable.

Previously, service charges were deducted from the overall rent. This year, the charges are calculated independently to the rent decrease, based on actual costs with increases from year to year capped where applicable.

Heating and hot water charges

Heating and hot water charges are the amount charged for hot water and the heating supplied to the property if you are linked to a central boiler.

The amount you have to pay is based on the output of the boiler and the type and size of your individual property.

Non-residential charges

This is the payment of rent for a store shed, garage or parking space, motorcycle unit or bicycle locker.

Gross rent

The gross rent is the total of all the charges, before any Housing Benefit is deducted.

Rent label letters

We review rent every year and tenants receive notification of any changes to their rent/charges in March.

Every time there is a change to the amount you are due to pay, you will receive a new rent label letter and calendar. The rent label letter shows all the details of your weekly charges and any allowance for Housing Benefit (where applicable). The Rent Calendar for the current year shows you when your rent payments are due.