Report a change of circumstances since your housing application

If you have made a housing or homelessness application and your circumstances have changed since your last contact with us you must tell us straightaway.

This information may affect our assessment of your application, the number of points your housing application receives, or the size of the accommodation offered to you.

Examples can include:

  • You have a baby 
  • You have moved house
  • You have a new partner or family member that has joined your household
  • Your income and/or savings have altered
  • You have medical information you need us to assess
  • You have new contact details

How to tell us

To tell us about a change of your circumstances you should contact your allocated caseworker or email You should include the following:

  • Reference number (found at the top of the decision letter)
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Contact telephone number/email
  • Details of change of circumstances (e.g. someone has left the household/household member pregnant/change of address/new medical requirements)
  • Supporting documents

If you have supporting evidence but cannot attach them to your email, your caseworker will contact you to book an appointment at the housing reception to submit them in person.

What happens next?

Your allocated caseworker will assess your change of circumstances against our Housing Allocation Scheme.

Please note that in some cases you may be requested to complete a new online housing application form.

You will be advised in writing if there has been any change to your assessed housing needs.