Safety and quality housing service standards

What you can expect from us - proposed standards.


We will:

  • Carry out health and safety inspections of communal areas on estates every 3 months, including ensuring escape routes and communal areas are free from obstruction, communal doors, water tanks and glazing is safe and secure and the area is free from graffiti, rubbish and vandalism.
  • Service every tenanted property that has a gas supply every 12 months.
  • Review Fire Risk Assessments regularly on all purpose-built blocks with communal areas
  • Carry out electrical testing in communal areas and tenanted properties.
  • Carry out inspections of tenant and leaseholder front entrance doors annually in blocks 5 storeys or above.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms in our rented properties where there is a fixed combustion appliance (such as a boiler).
  • Provide you with information on how to keep your home and building safe.
  • Ensure residents are kept up to date about the safety of their building through a range of communication methods, including notice boards, signs in communal areas and lifts or another method of their choosing.
  • Appoint a health and safety lead to ensure that all our buildings meet building safety obligations.
  • Meet the legal requirements for high rise buildings, for example, involving residents in fire safety and reporting significant fire safety risks. 


We will:

  • Inspect a percentage of all repair orders after they have been completed to ensure works have been completed to a satisfactory standard.
  • Carry out repair satisfaction surveys for all repairs completed in your home.
  • Monitor and report our performance for percentage of repairs completed against our target times.
  • Treat all residents, regardless of tenure, with courtesy, fairness and respect.
  • Be responsive to customer needs and aim to ensure that you can make best use of our services.
  • Operate the WATCH emergency personal alarm service, 24 hours a day, every day of the year and answer 99.5% of all WATCH emergency calls within 3 minutes.
  • Continue to improve all council housing stock to an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) level of C or higher where possible.
  • Deliver environmental improvements across our estates.
  • Provide more services online so it is easier to report repairs, raise a query or view what has been reported.
  • Take a zero-tolerance approach to damp and mould and act without delay (for example, carry out a mould wash as soon as possible and undertake any necessary remedial works to prevent reoccurrence).
  • Give you a target timescale and tell you who will be dealing with it when you report a repair.