Contributing to society: Supporting young people leaving care

As a care experienced young person you have the power to build, shape, and change the community you live in, and we want to support you to do this!

Being actively involved in your community brings a sense of belonging and wellbeing that we want everyone to enjoy.

How can we help

We can support you with:

  • Daily drop in sessions and evening groups at our Future First building close to Clapham Junction Station
  • A Grandmentor who we match to your specific goals and interests - a Grandmentor is there to be an independent supporter for you, somebody who can build a supportive relationship within your community and who can help you to really thrive and grow in confidence
  • Up until the age of 21, we can provide a £20 per month contribution to any club, sports team, gym or membership that promotes your involvement in the community
  • Paying for a provisional license, learning to drive (car, motorbike or moped) or by buying a cycle. Each young person up to the age of 21 can claim 50% of 10 driving/motorbike lessons PLUS the cost of one test (theory or practical) from us. Please speak to your PA for more information on this
  • Free celebratory events, fun activities, and trips that you can get involved in. We promote them through social media, your PA, and flyers around the office
  • Applying to Youth Opportunities Fund
  • Registering to vote and helping you shape your communities by voting
  • Relevant volunteering opportunities
  • Setting up your home with the Setting Up Home Grant for Relevant and Former Relevant young people
  • Awards ceremonies, schemes, and competitions that are in line with your talents and interests
  • £15 per month for phone credit and essential items if you are in custody and are aged under 21
  • A festival allowance of £25 per year for young people with a Pathway Plan which can be used for a religious or cultural celebration of their choice
  • A £50 payment on 18th and 21st Birthdays and a £10 payment on 19th and 20th birthday to help you celebrate