Youth justice

Wandsworth Youth Offending Team (YOT) is part of the Children’s Services department and sits within the Early Help Division. It is a multi-agency team with seconded team members from partners in CAMHS, NHS, Education, Probation and the Police.

Working with young people who offend

The service provides both statutory and non-statutory supervision for young people in the youth justice system in line with the National Protocol for Case Responsibility (2014).

It identifies the support needs of each young person by assessing and addressing the specific issues and risks that contribute to the young person offending. It works with the young person’s whole family and wider network to ensure that there is a contextual approach that supports steps towards improved outcomes.

The YOT also assesses the risk the young person may pose to others to help us reduce the risk of further offending. Restorative justice is key to this approach, delivering restorative processes via victim/offender mediation and community reparation.

YOT works jointly with the Adolescent Exploitation Team to support young people who have been given a pre-court disposal such as a Youth Caution or Triage or who are at risk of criminal exploitation. The aim of this work is to divert young people from offending by mitigating the risks and vulnerabilities that contributed to their risk of offending in the first instance.

The Ending Gangs and Youth Violence (EGYV) workers are based within YOT and the Adolescent Exploitation Team. They deliver one to one and groupwork interventions with young people up to the age of 25 who are at risk of exploitation by gangs or organised criminal activity. The EGYV staff work in close liaison with the Police, Community Safety and Children’s Services to identify, risk assess and mitigate issues of exploitation.

Contact the Youth Offending Team

Telephone: 020 8871 6222 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)

Contact the duty YOT Officer for information and advice on youth justice services in Wandsworth.