Smoke control areas: permitted appliances and fuels

On 1 November 2012 the borough's Smoke Control Order came into effect. Failure to comply with the order will be an offence that can attract fines up to £1000 on conviction.

A smoke control area (SCA) is a way to control emissions from domestic chimneys caused by the burning of coal and wood.

All properties within the borough are within a smoke control area. This means that in the borough you are committing an offence if you:

  • Allow smoke emissions from the chimney of a building
  • Obtain and use solid fuel, other than authorised fuel
  • Sell solid fuel, other than authorised fuel, for use in premises located within an SCA

There are some exceptions, for example where:

Your fuel supplier will be able to advise you on the most suitable fuel for your heating/cooking appliance.

Smoke control legislation does not apply to garden bonfires. We do however try to discourage people from having garden bonfires which can cause serious nuisance to neighbouring properties.