Managing air quality

We are committed to taking actions to improve air quality, identifying areas where levels of local air pollutants are exceeding air quality objectives and working with the community to reduce the pollutants and their effects on health.

Annual progress reports

We have completed annual progress reports against our goals in the plan to improve air quality in the borough. The latest report is the Air Quality Annual Status Report for 2017. It reports on data for the calendar year 2017 that was approved and accepted by the Greater London Authority in July 2018. The Council still has Cleaner Air Borough status.

Air Quality Action Plan (2016-2021) - revised measures and actions

Our Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) has been reviewed as some of the current actions have either been completed or been superseded. The revised Air Quality Action Plan contains measures to improve air quality across the borough helping to reduce the key pollutants of concern within the borough – Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM10).

These pollutants come from a variety of sources including road traffic, boilers and construction. Taking positive actions to attempt to reduce their levels and exposure to them will help to safeguard public health and improve quality of life.

We undertook an analysis of actions proposed for the Air Quality Action Plan when the measures and actions were set. 

Air quality and planning applications

Wandsworth air quality guidance and flowchart