Combemartin Road - Southfields CPZ, S4

We are asking residents in Combemartin Road whether they would wish to have the Southfields CPZ, S4 sub-zone extended to their road.


Following the receipt of a petition from residents of Combemartin Road requesting the inclusion of their road in the Southfields CPZ to improve the parking conditions in the area, we are conducting a consultation to ask all residents in the road for their views. Any new controls will form an extension of the existing Southfields CPZ, S4 sub-zone, which operates 1.30pm to 2.30pm Monday to Friday, permit holders only.

The aim of a CPZ is to prioritise parking for residents and businesses by deterring commuter and other long-stay parking by non-residents, who are currently able to park for free and without time limit. It can help tackle problems with obstructed driveways/sightlines, congestion and make more space available for residents’ vehicles and those of their visitors.


The consultation opened on 15 January and closed on Sunday 14 February 2021.

Results and decision

Overview of the consultation:

  • Of the 70 consultation documents delivered, 58 completed surveys were received. This represents a response rate of 83% of households.
  • Of the 58 responding to the question, 22 (38%) said they were happy with the present parking conditions, 35 (60%) said they were unhappy.
  • Of the 58 responding to the question, 33 (56%) indicated their support for the CPZ, 24 (41%) were against.

A report was presented to the Strategic Planning and Transportation Overview and Scrutiny Committee (16 June 2021) taking into account all relevant highway factors. See item 6.

The recommendations were supported by the committee and subsequently approved by the Executive on 28 June 2021. Taking all relevant factors into consideration, including the outcome of the consultation, the SPTOSC supported, and Council’s Executive agreed to extend the Southfields CPZ S4 sub-zone (operating 1.30 to 2.30pm, Monday to Friday), into Combemartin Road, with a review undertaken after at least 12 months of operation.

What happens next

Parking bays will be marked where it is safe and appropriate to park and yellow lines where it is not. This would mean that between 1.30 and 2.30pm, Monday to Friday, only vehicles displaying a valid permit/paperless equivalent (resident, business or visitor) would be entitled to park in bays to be marked on the highway.

To introduce the new CPZ, we must prepare a detailed design for the zone, advertise and make Traffic Management Orders, set up the Council’s permit system, order street signage, etc. At this stage it is anticipated that the new CPZ could be introduced in the Autumn. We will write to residents again to advise of the date and provide information about purchasing permits.  

More information

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For any further comments or to request a paper questionnaire, please email or call 020 8871 8050.