About the community right to challenge

The community right to challenge gives voluntary and community groups the opportunity to express an interest in providing or assisting in providing a council service under the Localism Act 2011. The council must then consider this expression of interest, and if it is accepted start a procurement process to tender the service.  

Who can submit an expression of interest?

The following groups can submit an expression of interest under the community right to challenge:

  • Voluntary or community bodies including social enterprises
  • Bodies or trusts established for charitable purposes
  • Parish councils 
  • Two or more council employees

To submit an expression of interest you should download and read the following:

When can my organisation submit an expression of interest?

Wandsworth Council has welcomed the community right to challenge as another way in which the council can seek out best value for residents and provide the best services possible. The council therefore plans to accept expressions of interest from the groups listed above at any time. 

The council is keen to hear your ideas about how to improve services, and would encourage you to discuss your proposals with us before submitting a formal expression of interest.

Submitting ideas or suggestions

You can submit any ideas or suggestions you have for improving services to the council by emailing procurement@wandsworth.gov.uk.

What happens after an expression of interest is submitted?

After your expression of interest has been submitted, it will be considered by a panel of council officers who will make a recommendation to accept, reject or accept it with modifications. If the proposal is to accept your expression of interest with modifications you will be consulted and asked for your agreement to modify the expression of interest.

The final decision on whether to accept or reject your expression of interest will be made by the council's Executive within 6 months of your submission. You will be notified of the outcome within 10 working days of the council's decision. 

You can see a more detailed timetable outlining the council's process for considering expressions of interest in the Guidance on submitting an Expression of Interest 

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