Regulatory requirements

Despite Temporary Event Notices being a relatively light-touch system of licensing, it is worth noting that all events being carried on must comply with all other regulatory requirements, including, but not limited to, the following matters.

High profile or high risk events

Where it is proposed to hold a high profile or high risk event, organisers are asked to contact the licensing authority at an early stage, to allow discussions with all of the relevant authorities. In particular, this will allow the police and noise officers to meet with the organisers and discuss the proposed event, in the hope of avoiding potential objections and hold ups.

Organisers of high profile or high risk events may also be asked to present their event proposal to the council's Events Safety Advisory Group.

Planning laws

Using a TEN does not exempt the proprietors of premises from any requirements under planning legislation for appropriate planning permission where it is required.


Where premises are being used for performances of music, it is important to ensure that noise nuisance is not being caused to neighbouring properties. This is particularly important in premises close to residential properties that are not ordinarily used for music performances.

Health and safety

All activities are subject to health and safety requirements, regardless of whether they are carried out under a TEN. Event organisers should ensure that they have assessed the potential risks involved in their events, and taken appropriate measures to control them - this may include the provision of appropriate safety personnel and first aid facilities.

A fire risk assessment should also be carried out, to ensure that appropriate safety equipment and exit routes are available. Event organisers should also ensure that they hold appropriate liability insurance covering all aspects of their planned activities.

Events in parks

Organisers planning events in parks will need to consider and take measures to control the potential impact of their event on the local area, including the possibility of noise nuisance and other forms of disruption. It will usually be necessary to make a booking to use the park in question. Visit the Events Team at Enable Leisure & Culture for further information about using the councils open spaces.


It is unlawful to allow any unaccompanied child under the age of 16 to be present at any time on premises used exclusively or primarily for the supply and consumption of alcohol. It is also unlawful to permit an unaccompanied child to remain on any premises between midnight and 5am if those premises are being used to supply alcohol.

Police powers

The police have the power to close down premises or outdoor events on the grounds of disorder, the likelihood of disorder or because of public nuisance caused by noise emanating from the premises.