Notifying responsible authorities of club licence

We will consult with the responsible authorities if we believe that one or more of the licensing objectives may be affected by the proposed changes.

How long does it take to decide on an application

There is a legal 10 working day consultation period during which representations can be made from responsible authorities and other persons. See making representations for more information.

The decision

We must determine the application within an additional 5 working days. There is no provision for a hearing by the Licensing Committee.

Where we receive relevant representations, and we feel that the application could have adverse impact on the licensing objectives we must reject the application.

If we believe there is no adverse impact on the licensing objectives we must grant the application.

We cannot impose conditions however we can add any conditions volunteered by the applicant.

If your application is rejected or refused

If the a minor variation is not accepted because it does not meet the minor variation criteria or it has been considered and rejected because it may have impact on the licensing objectives; you may submit a variation application.