North West Battersea area - Parking consultation

We are asking residents in the North West Battersea area for their views on the possibility of introducing a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) to their roads.


We have listened to local concerns about the parking and traffic conditions in this area which have included a petition from residents and businesses in Gartons Way, Chatfield Road and Mendip Road requesting the introduction of a CPZ. It is understood these difficulties are mostly caused by the number of commuter and other long-stay vehicles which are able to park for free and without a time limit.

Since the introduction of parking controls in one road can affect parking in an adjacent one, as some parking is displaced there, we usually consult over a wider area than the roads where the requests originated. View a plan of the consultation area

The aim of a CPZ is to prioritise parking for residents and businesses by deterring commuter and other long-stay parking by non-residents. It can help tackle problems with obstructed driveways/sightlines, congestion and make more space available for residents’ vehicles and those of their visitors.

A CPZ can only be introduced on roads that are 'Highway maintained at public expense', not on private roads or road/off-street parking areas associated with (current or former) Council housing properties. However, Parking Regulation Schemes (PRS) already operate in several Housing Estates within the North West Battersea area and these would remain unchanged if a CPZ were to be introduced on the Highway roads.

Check if you would be eligible for a CPZ permit

All new developments with 10 or more (and sometimes fewer) residential units are automatically excluded from new or existing CPZs as part of the planning approval process, meaning that occupiers of developments approved since 2003 with 10 or more residential units, or approved on the basis of being 'permit-free', would be unable to obtain parking permits should a CPZ be introduced.

It is the developer, marketing agent, landlord or your solicitor's responsibility to ensure that you are aware of any restriction or other conditions associated with the property when you buy or rent a property.

Due to the amount of redevelopment in the North West Battersea area, many newer properties would not be eligible for a CPZ permit should a CPZ be introduced. A list of known CPZ-excluded addresses within this consultation area is available below:


The consultation opened on Friday 19 November and closes on Friday 7 January 2022.

Please complete the survey online as it will be quicker for us to process the results.

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However, you can download a paper copy of the letter and questionnaire:

What happens next

A report will be presented to a future meeting of the Strategic Planning and Transportation Overview and Scrutiny Committee taking into account all relevant highway factors and subsequently to the Council's Executive for approval.

More information


If your household is unable to complete the survey online and you would like a paper copy of the questionnaire, please call 020 8871 8929 leaving your name and address including the postcode and quoting ’NW Battersea CPZ’. One will be posted out to you with a postage paid return envelope.

For any other enquiries, please email