Child Performance Licence

Children (including infants and any young person of legal school age) working in entertainment must be licensed for that work by the Local Authority in which they live.

This applies for any child who will be performing on stage, television, films, modelling, or taking part in a sporting activity where any one of the following conditions is met:

  • It is paid work
  • The child is required to be absent from school in order to appear
  • The child will be working for over 4 days
  • The child has performed, licensed or unlicensed, within the previous 6 months
  • The performance is taking place on licensed premises

There are strict guidelines on the number of hours and days a child may perform which vary according to their age and the nature of the work proposed.

Apply for a licence

To apply for a licence, complete an application form and email the completed form to:

The application for a licence is in two parts.

Part 1

This is completed and signed by the person responsible for the production of the performance in which the child is to take part or, as the case may be, the person who proposes to engage the child as a model.  

This applicant may also need to complete a declaration under section 38(1)(a) of the Children and Young Persons Act 1963.  

This person will then be the licence holder and will be responsible for ensuring that all relevant regulations are adhered to. 

Part 2

Part 2 is completed and signed by the parent/guardian.

Parents will need to provide:

  • A recent passport photograph or high quality digital photograph taken within the previous 6 months
  • A copy of their child's birth certificate or passport
  • A letter from school authorising any necessary absences
  • Often a medical certificate / GP's letter is also required 


It is recommended that a licensed Matron/Chaperone is hired to supervise the child/children taking part in a performance or photo shoot. However, if the child's parent is to fulfil this role it is essential that they make themselves aware of all relevant regulations e.g. permitted working hours.

Sending in the application

Applications will need to be sent to the Child Licensing Officer at the address below. You may send applications via email however you will subsequently need to provide the original signed documents.

Applications should be made 21 days before the licence is required (The Children's Performance Regulations 1968, Regulation 1(3)) Wandsworth council will attempt to accommodate applications made at short notice, however applicants should give as much notice as possible, provide complete documentation, and be aware that in some cases their application for a licence may be refused.

Further information on children in performance/entertainment

Visit the National Network for Children in Employment and Entertainment (NNCEE).

Before making an application, check that the child's home address is within Wandsworth LA boundaries.