Together on Climate Change Festival events

A variety of events took place throughout the festival, both in person and online.

Monday 8 November

Events that took place on Monday 8 November.

Business Beyond (part 1)

Aimed at all Wandsworth businesses grappling with how to change their business to be more relevant for future generations. We are all facing the impacts and risks of climate change at local, national and global levels. How we engage with this issue will determine the business’s future.

This seminar highlighted options of ways forward for Wandsworth businesses individually and collectively. Toby Costin from Wandsworth based organisation CREW Energy joined to share his expertise and experiences.

Cargo Bikes for Business

  • Led by: Wandsworth Council Transport Team
  • Target audience: All businesses in Wandsworth

Businesses could find out more about using cargo bikes, and have their questions answered! Speakers include: Rebecca Howarth, Transport Strategy Programme Coordinator at Wandsworth Council, Positively Putney, Osman O’Connor & Co. Property Maintenance and Gardening Service, Fully Charged, EcoFleet and Pedal Me.

Home composting in Wandsworth & its potential role in helping to tackle climate change

  • Led by: Wandsworth Council Waste Team
  • Target audience: Residents

Residents heard from our waste team and could ask any questions they had. The session covered the benefits of home composting, how to do it and tips to get the best results.

Parish Refill

  • Led by: Parish Refill – Ascension Balham
  • Target audience: Residents

Held in Ascension Church, Balham, residents could top up on a wide variety of household cleaning products and cut back on single use plastics. Visitors could find out about all the other community action going on at Ascension. Officers from the Climate Change Team attended to chat about reducing waste and more! Find out more on the Parish Refill website and Instagram

#OurOtherMother Illustration Exhibition Open Evening

  • Led by: Parents for Future
  • Target audience: Residents, particularly families with primary school children

Held at the Church of the Nazarene in Battersea, this was the opening event of an exhibition of #OurOtherMother campaign illustrations. There was a talk held during the event about dealing with climate anxiety, and how to be a supportive parent in the climate crisis. 

Our Other Mother is a family friendly exhibition of illustrations created by renowned children's books illustrators. They hope that the artwork will spark conversations and inspire people to take climate action.

Online Talk, Climate Change - Time for us all to act

An online talk asked the questions “How bad is it? Why are we in the last chance saloon? Who needs to do what?” Forum for the Future are an international non-profit organisation driving sustainable development. Sally based her talk on the August IPCC report, what it means for each one of us and what each of us can do in our daily lives to help reduce global warming and its impact.

Tuesday 9 November

Events that took place on Tuesday 9 November.

Wandsworth Schools Climate Change Day

All schools across Wandsworth were invited to join us for Schools Climate Change Day. An online launch event was held from 9.30 to 10.15am, then schools carried out climate change and sustainability related activities with their students.

Climate Change Information Stall

  • Led by: Wandsworth Council Climate Change Team
  • Target audience: Residents

Our stall at Battersea Library gave residents an opportunity to learn about climate change, and how we can work together to tackle it, to calculate their carbon footprint and discover ways to take action. 

Biodiversity Walk

The walk in King George's Park explained more about the wildlife that shares this greenspace with us. This is part of our commitment to delivering key strands of the Wandsworth biodiversity strategy; in particular to improve the information we share with you about priority habitats and species.

Harvest Morning

  • Led by: Roehampton University
  • Target audience: Residents

Residents joined the harvest team at Roehampton University Student's Union and learned about all the delicious crops growing on the edible campus. There was an opportunity to pick greens, salad, root veggies, herbs and more, before heading indoors to pack the produce for sale at the Hive Café

Wandsworth Older People's Forum Meeting

The Climate Change Team attended the meeting of the WOPF. They gave a presentation focusing on what a carbon footprint is, and how we can all reduce ours.

Conscious Living & Consumerism

Local resident, Sustainability Consultant and Author of Your Planet Needs You!, Amy Charuy-Hughes is on a mission to help you to make more conscious decisions. From consumer power and ethical banking to food waste and consumption and consumerism, she detailed small actions you can take to make a big impact on your carbon footprint and conscious living.

Wednesday 10 November

Events that took place on Wednesday 10 November.

What Next? Wandsworth – Arts & Culture

Wandsworth’s cultural and creative sector discussed how we can help tackle the Climate Emergency. The network of Wandsworth creatives were joined by Paddy Dillon, Director of The Theatre Green Book, a project to help theatre-makers work together towards a sustainable future for theatre. Uniting all the UK’s leading theatre organisations, it brought theatre-makers of all kinds together with sustainability experts Buro Happold to define clear guidance and shared standards for the journey to zero carbon.

Biodiversity Question Time

This was an opportunity for people to ask our Biodiversity team those burning questions about wildlife in the borough. Topics covered will be linked to priority habitats or species in the Wandsworth biodiversity strategy, and questions were answered about what you can do at home to help wildlife.

Digby Dig

  • Led by: Roehampton University
  • Target audience: Residents

Digby Dig was a COP26 themed session at the peaceful, green space of Barat Lawn next to Digby Chapel. Participants took part in weeding, sowing seeds, digging, painting, and more. 

Stepping Out of The Family Car

  • Led by: Wandsworth Council Transport Team
  • Target audience: Residents, particularly families with children

The event explored the diverse ways parents in the borough travel and showcased the support available to help you step away from the family car. Expect information on cargo bikes, car clubs, cycling training, as well as opportunities to share your own experiences, tips and tricks.

Roehampton Shed – Upcycling Workshop

The Roehampton Community Shed is a weekly group where people can meet and work on practical projects, such as furniture upcycling, and enjoy a cup of tea and chat. This was an upcycling taster session where participants could learn how to upcycle furniture or make a hedgehog box from reclaimed wood.

Green Education Counts - Eco Education For All Webinar (first session)

  • Led by: Nicola Kench, Groundswell Ecosystems CIC & South Thames College
  • Target audience: Residents and others

Introduction to a comprehensive, socially inclusive, universally accessible environmental education programme: 'Green Education Counts – Eco Education For All'. The session was aimed at anyone who wants environmental education, potential educational trial partners, and activists interested in setting up effective online change campaigns.

What can we do? Regenerate Youth Club Climate Competition

This is a competition run with as part of the regular Regenerate Youth Group Session. Young people will be encouraged to tackle a climate issue and come up with accessible solutions and plans for people to be able to implement into their daily lives and create a more sustainable future.

To get involved/find out more, please email

Energy Saving Webinar

With rising energy prices and the Government's new heat strategy recently announced, there has never been a sharper focus on home energy and the measures we can take to save money, cut carbon and improve air quality. CREW Energy led the debate about renewable energy/heat and energy efficiency measures that can put money back in your pocket and save the planet!

Thursday 11 November

Events that took place on Thursday 11 November.

Climate Change Information Stall

  • Led by: Climate Change Team
  • Target audience: Residents

Our stall at Putney Library helped residents find out more about climate change and how we can work together to tackle it, calculating their carbon footprint and discovering ways to take action. 

The Impact of Air Pollution and How to Take Action

This webinar was focused on the impact of air pollution and what people can do to take action. Global Action Plan is a charity working for a green and thriving planet and are the coordinators of Clean Air Day – the UKs largest public facing air pollution campaign. They will be talking about what we can all do to help make a difference to air quality.

Wandsworth's Council's Air Quality Team were at the event to give a brief history of air quality and its impacts.

River Wandle Walk

Led by the Biodiversity team, the walk followed the Wandle downstream to the confluence of the Thames explaining about the wildlife that relies on the river and the work we do to protect it. The walk was part of our commitment to delivering key strands of the Wandsworth biodiversity strategy; in particular to improve the information we share with you about priority habitats and species.

Biodiversity Walk and Talk at Battersea Power Station

Alex Baker, Director of Communities & Sustainability and resident Ornithologist David Morrison explored biodiversity in Circus West Village, the first phase of the new town centre. Attendees could hear about bird life at the Power Station and hopefully even spot a Peregrine Falcon!    

EV Webinar

  • Led by: Wandsworth Council Climate Change Team
  • Target audience: Residents

This talk covered the facts around becoming an EV owner, their benefit to the planet and connect with others in the EV community. 

Refill Wandsworth

Refill Wandsworth is a local scheme part of 'Refill', led by Wandsworth resident Amy Charuy-Hughes. Refill Wandsworth is part of the award-winning campaign Refill, helping people live with less plastic. Refill connect people to places they can eat, drink and shop without the pointless packaging. Established in 2015, Refill is now a global revolution, empowering people all over the world to live with less plastic.

Participating cafes, bars, restaurants, banks, galleries, museums and other businesses simply sign up to the Refill app and put a sticker in their window – helping their customers drink, eat and shop with less waste.

Wandsworth Arts Fringe Networking - Sustainability Policy Launch

  • Led by: Wandsworth Council Arts Team
  • Target audience: For WAF Artists only

Friday 12 November

Events that took place on Friday 12 November.

Climate Change Information Stall

  • Led by: Wandsworth Council Climate Change Team
  • Target audience: Residents

Our stall at Southfields Library helped residents find out more about climate change and how we can work together to tackle it, calculating their carbon footprint and discovering ways to take action. 

CREW Energy - Energy Café

  • Led by: CREW Energy
  • Who should attend? Residents, particularly anyone who is struggling to pay their energy or anyone who would like to know how they can reduce their energy consumption

CREW set up at Tooting Library to help those whose energy costs have become too high and are struggling to understand the cheaper options out there. 

Little Village Toy Swap Shop

  • Led by: Little Village
  • Target audience: Residents, particularly families with young children

Little Village ran a toy and games swap shop at Eastwood Children’s Centre. Unwanted, pre-loved toys or games could be swapped for one of the toys/games at the stall. Giving pre-loved toys a new lease of life can reduce waste and bring enjoyment to even more children.

Saturday 13 November

Events that took place during the main day of the festival, Saturday 13 November.

Main Event: Battersea Arts Centre – Wandsworth Together on Climate Change Festival

  • Led by: Wandsworth Council Climate Change Team & Battersea Arts Centre
  • Target audience: All who live, work and play in Wandsworth

The event at BAC Grand Hall rounded off the week and included a main stage for talks and discussions, plus stalls highlighting different aspects of the climate emergency and what is being done in Wandsworth to tackle it. This was a space to learn about climate change issues, take part in interactive activities, and connect with others from across the borough.

Main event programme
Time Act
11.15am to 12pm 

Carbon Literacy Taster Session - Carbon Literacy: An awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.

Join us for a taster session of this course which is focussed on learning about climate change and how we can all reduce our carbon footprint.

12 to 12.30pm

Shirley and David Faraday from Lost & Found performing climate songs.

12.30 to 2pm

'Roundtable' Climate Discussions on five different themes: air quality, transport, energy efficiency, waste and recycling, green spaces.

Facilitated by council officers, residents are encouraged to come and discuss the themes, how they relate to climate change and how we can work together as a community to come up with solutions. Findings will then be presented back on the main stage.

2 to 3pm

Roehampton University Climate Network - Professor Jérémie Gilbert and Dr Daniel Aguirre

3 to 4pm

Resident's spotlight – what are we all doing to tackle climate change?

Featuring: Take the Jump and WHABB Studio - residents are encouraged to come and share their stories.


  • Wandsworth Council Climate Change Team
  • Wandsworth Council Transport Team
  • Wandsworth Council Local Plan Team
  • Wandsworth Council Air Quality Team
  • Wandsworth Council Waste Team
  • Wandsworth Art Fringe
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Friends of Wandsworth Common
  • Battersea Society
  • CREW Energy
  • Power 2 Connect
  • Eco Glue Together
  • Share Community
  • Green The Grid
  • Transition Town Tooting
  • SW15 Hedgehogs
  • Work and Play Scrapstore
  • Parents for Future
  • Wandsworth Living Streets
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Wandsworth Friends of the Earth
  • The 10,000

Falcon Road Climate Change Event

  • Led by: Falcon Road Community & Wandsworth Council
  • Target audience: Falcon Road Estate residents

Residents could learn about climate change and take part in activities related to sustainability. Suited for all the family! Giles from Thinking Works will also be at the event to share handy tips on how to make small changes to improve energy efficiency in your home. Dr Bike was there to carry out bike safety checks, minor repairs and provide cycling guidance and other repair advice. 

Connected Planet Foundation – Plog

Plogging (running whilst picking up rubbish) is a great way to improve not only your own health but the health of the planet. Our plogging session on Clapham Common helped residents get fit, make friends, and make a difference!

Festival map

View a map of the event locations during the festival.