Corporate objectives

The Council has six strategic objectives (and sub-objectives) that reflect the Council's priorities and its ongoing corporate ambition to deliver high quality, value for money services, including keeping the council tax amongst the lowest in the country:

  • Providing the best start in life – By investing in early years' provision, family support, school improvements, mentoring, apprenticeships and skills training
  • Greener, safer, better neighbourhoods – By working with our community to combat climate change and improve our environment and our neighbourhoods – keeping them green, clean and safe
  • More homes and greater housing choice – By delivering a range of homes to suit different needs for people who live or work in the borough, particularly for those on lower incomes, while providing more help and support to people who rent either from the council or privately
  • Helping people get on in life – By helping people secure new job opportunities and encouraging investment in the borough
  • Encouraging people to live healthy, fulfilled and independent lives – By helping young and old stay safe, active and in control of their lives
  • Value for money – By maintaining the lowest possible council tax, making every pound go further and ensuring that we live within our means

These objectives are reviewed regularly and are informed by concerns and priorities gathered through professionally conducted market research, user groups and residents' meetings.

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